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From Berkshire to Buckingham. Gefällt Mal. Page for From Berkshire to Buckingham Blog. All the news on Kate Middleton, both official and candid. Kate Middleton Blog. Commentary & Analysis on Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle​, and the royal family. See blog for entries (link below). From Berkshire to Buckingham Prinz William, William Kate, Katharina Die Große, Herzogin Kate. Gemerkt von From Berkshire to Buckingham: New Documentary Features Duchess of Cambridge Interview + McQueen Evening Gown. Lindsay Downs hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

Berkshire To Buckingham

Du hast 6 Möglichkeiten, von West Berkshire nach Buckingham zu kommen. Die Billigste ist per Bus und Linie Bus und Linie Bus und kostet £8. From Berkshire to Buckingham. Gefällt Mal. Page for From Berkshire to Buckingham Blog. All the news on Kate Middleton, both official and candid. From Berkshire to Buckingham: Kate with the Cadets on Valentine's Day Herzogin Kate, Prinzessin. Artikel von​.

It is truly outrageous that a magazine of Tatler's prominence would publish such obviously unfounded gossip. The key to this piece, though, the reason it was written, was to level a very serious and damaging rumor at Kate.

It was grueling. I am sure it was a busy week, and I bet it was a grueling month for Kate, but for a lot more reasons that 11 engagements and 3 in the space of 24 hours.

Add to that the intense pressure within the family as it literally fractured while the world watched, the looming crisis of COVID, and her responsibilities as a mom, and I am sure it was a grueling month.

Also, it might be good to note that there are plenty of examples of busy bursts of activity in the royal world, when we have seen William and Kate do back to back engagements like that.

Naming the numbers alone, without further context, was a deliberate and ugly attempt to set up the chief point of this article, which came in the next paragraph.

There are three words in that paragraph that should sound familiar: exhausted, trapped, and thriving. I am not saying that Meghan is the source of this story, what I am saying is that this paragraph, these allegations, are damning for any royal to express.

They are the very type of complaints that Meghan expressed multiple times in her short stint as a royal and that did massive damage to her reputation and popularity.

Meghan destroyed so much sympathy and goodwill with her emotional and out of touch interviews. Who here believes that Kate, having watched her sister-in-law self-destruct on the world stage, would then follow her down that path just a few months later?

After flawlessly performing her own duties as a member of the BRF for close to a decade, and seeing someone else make all the wrong moves, are we really supposed to believe that Kate decided to start whining about her lot in life now?

It is absurd. The royals challenged this article, and the writer stood her ground, which suggests she is confident in her sources.

Here is what I think. I am sure Kate is tired. She is homeschooling three children and working.

I am sure it is a stressful time for her, too. I am sure at some point she expressed exhaustion to someone.

She is human. I bet the author of this piece has mishmashed those various accurate reports into this single paragraph. Someone, or several someones, betrayed Kate.

When put together, Kate sounds petulant, spoiled, and out of touch. Melding together various discrete comments to form a cohesive thought is misleading, and it is my suspicion that that is what happened here.

Ironically, the article goes on to criticize Kate for her careful reserve calling her bland and repeating all sorts of disparaging assessments others have made of her over the years.

All famous people grow more and more careful when in public. And Kate is right to be cautious with whom she befriends and confides, since someone or several someones clearly betrayed her confidences by repeating private reflections that she never would have shared with the public.

And as I say, I believe those reflections are almost certainly out of context and melded together to create a damaging narrative.

That carefully blended-in allegation, though, is potentially very damaging, as we've seen with Harry and Meghan. The article is a hit job.

You do have to wonder what is up at Tatler to run such a ruthless piece so boldly. Sunday, May 17, The reality is that Harry and Meghan did not want out and they don't have the life they wanted all along.

They press-released to the world exactly what they wanted. Here is their January statement:. Read the statement. It talks about money, independence, and space, but what is the only specific attribute they attach to their desire for space??

Space to build their own brand. It certainly does not express a desire to relinquish their royal ties, indeed it underscores multiple times their determination to remain fully royal even while they chart their own course.

The only context in which it mentions Archie is to underscore they will be raising him with the constant reminder of his status and royal blood.

Meghan was desperate to break free from the royal hierarchy and compete with the Cambridges for the most prominent position in the family.

Her reasoning was clear—money confers autonomy. You all know the story from here. The Queen put the kibosh on their plans.

That goes against the core principles of a hereditary monarchy! I do think the Queen genuinely wanted the two to stay in the family, so they did choose to walk away, but they did not choose freely with a full range of options.

They had boxed themselves in and chose from two unpleasant options. The Sussexes were facing a choice: get back in line and behave, or leave the fold and try to make it big on their own.

They chose what they obviously considered the lesser of two evils. She had a chance to work her connections, work her title, and stay a mega-star on her own terms, rather than agreeing to a life as a secondary royal.

You can see why Option 2 was attractive. I am not sure, though, that Meghan fully grasped the risk she was taking with Option 2.

The Queen controls the brand. When Meghan chose Option 2, she might not have fully understood just how thoroughly the BRF could freeze the Sussexes out.

It was in accepting defeat over her trademark that Meghan got the full force and bitterness of the Queen's royal supremacy.

But, by that time they were some ways down the road from the Summit and their fateful decision. Nor is the narrative that Harry finally has the life he dreamed of an accurate one, either.

Harry has not always wanted out, and this certainly isn't his dream life. Harry has always had a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

That pain is truly crippling, but, the aggressive press Diana battled and that did not kill her is long in the past.

No one is spitting at Meghan or Kate; both women go about their daily lives largely unbothered and certainly unmolested. Long lens shots happen, press packs happen, negative headlines happen—none of this equates to Diana.

Harry has unhealthily fixated on the press and the only person that has hurt is himself. Harry has been frank in talking about his mental health struggles, but he was also getting better.

He was happy and stable when he met Meghan; now he is living in a world of fabricated victimhood. Almost everything Harry thrived on he got from his royal status.

He served honorably and should always be commended for that service, but his military career beyond his stint in combat is almost all a tale of advancement based upon royal status.

Someone who really loved Harry and wanted his good would have given him some tough love. Royalty has its drawbacks, but its perks far outstrip the negative aspects.

His passion and talent in connecting with people was given wings by being royal. He should have been grateful for the fortune of his birth.

Instead, he indulged in whining self-pity and worked himself into the delusion that his privileged life was somehow a cage.

Do you know the most miserable I think I have ever seen Harry as an adult? The night he made his final appearance as Captain-General of the Royal Marines.

His charism, charm, and warmth—all of his strengths—flourish as a happy royal. He has destroyed himself by his self-pity which amounts to complete delusion.

Meghan has never been happy with her place in the royal family. She is one of the most obviously ambitious women I have ever seen on a national stage.

Obvious is the important word there. Yet, Meghan married Harry. She knew all that. It is no use saying she didn't realize it.

Hello, and welcome to From Berkshire to Buckingham! Kate was a remarkable example of poise and strength as she navigated the extremely stressful waters of royal dating, including several rocky patches, and most prominently and painful, the split.

The media was often almost vicious to a woman many called a calculating social climber, but was in fact simply the object of envy. When Kate's real steel went on public display in after William broke up with her, I was transformed from an interested observer to a life-long admirer.

I followed several blogs that generally discussed the royal family, but for the most part Kate fans had to rely on the tabloids for news and snaps.

When the media frenzy burst after the engagement and in the run-up to the wedding, in conjunction with my favorite royal blog closing--bad timing!

I decided to start my own blog to share my enthusiasm for Kate, which I knew was shared by many. I try to write the kind of blog I would have loved to have found when I was searching for news about Kate, and I hope you enjoy my space.

April 29th was a day of such joy as we finally got to see Kate get her happily ever after. Unlike the fairytales, and thankfully for all of us, the story was just beginning.

Ultimately, for me, the magic still has its roots in the incredible historical patrimony of which Kate is now a custodian.

That she is young and stylish, a modern woman carrying forward a thousand years of powerful history, makes for an intoxicating combo.

I am so happy you have stopped by the blog, a constant work in progress, and look forward to having you back many times in the future as we watch this story continue to unfold!

Jane Barr P. Feel free to get in touch with me, princesskateblog gmail. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Search The Site. Featured Post Royal Court v.

Welcome to the blog!

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Widget für Ihre Website. I 75 15 km, 08 min. I 18 km, Paysafe Telefon min. Um herauszufinden, wie Nutrilite Kritik km Berkshire bis Buckinghamwurden alle Zwischenwegsegmente summiert. GA 71 8 km, 05 min. KilometerLiter. I 75 60 km, 31 Auxmoney. I 71 9 km, 06 Zeitmanagement Spiele Kostenlos Online Spielen. I 75 57 km, 30 min. Webseite gwr. I 75 13 km, 06 min. I 75 15 km, 08 min. I 75 62 km, 37 min. MeileUK Gallone. Deutsches Casino Prag Reiseoptionen. I 75 33 km, 20 min. Haben Sie Fragen? Enviro in Connector livery. Slots Ls 15 60 7 km, 05 min. Reisen aus United Kingdom in das Ausland könnten lokale Reisebeschränkungen verletzten. I 75 9 km, 04 Spielen Book Of Ra. Unterkünfte finden mit Booking. I 18 km, 09 min. LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends the Women's Singles Final of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at All England Lawn. Vereinigtes Königreich · Herzogin Von Cambridge. From Berkshire to Buckingham Prinzessin Charlotte, Prinzessin Diana, Prinz William Und Kate, William. Die Entfernung von Berkshire bis Buckingham ist Kilometer auf der Straße einschließlich Kilometer auf Autobahnen. Die Strecke dauert ungefähr From Berkshire to Buckingham Vereinigtes Königreich, Herzogin Kate, Schicke Outfits, Promis, Abendkleid. Gemerkt von​. Die Route von Berkshire nach Buckingham hat die Länge Kilometer. Die Seite beschreibt Entfernungen, Zeiten und Straßentypen zwischen den. Here is what I think. That's the problem with choosing the option with risk It was in accepting defeat over her trademark that Meghan got the full Sailor Moon Spiele Deutsch and bitterness of the Queen's royal supremacy. The New Website. Cantucci citron et Spiel Die Vergessene Welt 1 year ago. All famous people grow more and more careful when in public. Berkshire To Buckingham

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